Thursday, May 20, 2010


i claim no allegiance to any political party.

fiscally, i think my preferences hover closer to the middle ground. from a social perspective, i'm flamboyantly liberal. i don't believe in party politics, and my voting track record can attest to that fact. issues are much more important to me than elephants and donkeys.

when i first heard that rima fakih, an american girl with parents from lebanon, had won the title of "miss usa", i was quite pleased. after the prejean debacle of yesteryear and her annoyingly ignorant comments pertaining to "real marriage", i liked the fact that it was possible for a woman of middle eastern descent to prevail the year after carrie, the blonde all-american, forgot what it meant to be . . . well, american (you know, that pesky bill of rights thing). the rallying cry of the conservative netherworld behind this bombastic bimbo was enough to curdle the stomach and scorch the mind. i laughed a bit, with admittedly cheeky relish, when i heard that she had posed for provocative photos with a less-than-scrupulous photographer and his frisky wind machine.

honestly, i didn't think there was anything wrong with her pictures. it looked a lot like a victoria's secret ad. since those magazines are delivered to wholesome american families all across our vast country, i wasn't distressed by miss prejean's airbrushed boobs.

i was distressed by her words.

the last two days, such words have incensed me.

i have many friends who would proudly call themselves "conservatives". they are wonderful people with strong ideas about how to govern our country. we may have idealogical differences, but i would never categorize them as hatemongers or racist, ethnophobic pigs.

those kinds of words i'll save for the hostilely conservative commentators who saw fit to crown rima fakih "miss hezbollah" and several other politically incorrect pejoratives i don't want on my blog.


when i first saw these sorts of posts via yahoo, i began clicking on links only to discover that many ultra-conservative bloggers were posting about the travesty of an arab woman winning the title of "miss usa". many argued that it was a political maneuver and that miss fakih did not deserve the crown. dare i ask, who did deserve to win? oh wait, here's the answer - the blonde competing against miss fakih should have prevailed.

of course.

rather third reichish of you, non?

these are all beautiful women. these are all accomplished women. these are all AMERICAN WOMEN.

how dare the michelle malkins of the world brand rima fakih with such a title as "miss hezbollah"? how dare they insinuate that an arab american woman has anything less than the absolute right to compete and win a pageant when placed alongside their blue-blooded WASPs?

how dare they?

these are the same people who will never have a problem when they see jake gyllenhaal take on the role of "prince of persia" in that soon-to-be-released film. the male lead and his female heroine are as white as a loaf of bunny bread. were they out of good iranian-born actors? if hollywood seemed devoid of persian talent, try checking los angeles. i guess a terrorist in one film can't play the hero in another.

these are the same people who will have nonplussed enjoyment when presented with a film about asians absent a single one ("the last airbender"). what are asians good for anyway unless they're working with a computer, doing numbers on a calculator, or modifying hondas? they certainly can't bend air like little white kids, nor can they save the world from a fate worse than death.

i guess the korean kid from "twilight" wasn't as big a box office draw as jackson rathbone, a.k.a. jasper hale-cullen.

so, if americans of middle eastern descent can't win american pageants, and we can't permit them to take on roles positively portraying themselves, what will we allow them to do? is it okay for them to be a part of our society as long as they don't win? i beg the drug-addled adherents of limbaugh to riddle me this one . . .

what does it mean to be american?

being white should not be enough to answer this question.

i beg my conservative friends to distance themselves from people who are destroying their image. hatemongers and racist purveyors of filth have no place in our modern society.

if i made a film about them, i'd cast snakes in their roles.

then again, snakes do serve a higher a purpose - moderating vermin.

interesting conundrum, non?

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