Tuesday, April 12, 2011

fanfare to be published may 31, 2011!!!!

something tells me i'm going to need a big mental check before i fully make it through this process. i used to think it was no big deal to pimp myself out in an attempt to make money for my writing. amanda hocking did it. i knew i had the stones to take her cue.

i was horribly wrong. i don't have the first effing idea how to make this work. i apologize beforehand for my blundering, imbecilic ass.

my first novel will be published may 31st, 2011 with revolution.

those eleven little words mean something so big to the right person. i don't know if i'll ever make the impact one dreams of making when given the opportunity to make a career out of their passion, but i'm going to try hard as hell.

fanfare came about organically after my first initial foray into the world of writing. i have nothing to be embarrassed about at all, and a big middle finger to anyone disdainful of the following admission -- i started by writing fanfiction. i'll go even further down the shame spiral: i was writing TWILIGHT fanfiction. yep. sue me. my first piece did relatively well (720,000 hits as of april, 2011) amongst twifans -- an untitled continuation of the twilight saga. if that title's not a pretty clear indication of my marketing r-tardedness, i don't know how further to impress the fact upon you. trust me when i say my writing isn't nearly as shiteous as my title-ing.

fanfare is mine and mine alone, and i think only another writer can truly understand how personal a work of words can be. i did get some inspiration from the world of celebrity, and i enjoyed the novel american wife by sittenfeld - after all, he's secretly writing about laura bush much the same way my heroine's romantic interest is modeled after attributes of hollywood celebrities. hey, we're fascinated by them for a reason.

i once wrote to anne rice (one of my favorite writers EVER), and she wrote back to me with a beautiful message about always making sure to write something for myself . . . it's another take on the whole "write something you would like to read" thing, but she was vastly more eloquent when she told me that writing for myself should always be my goal. if someone else loves it, then that's great. if they don't, eff 'em. that's my story, and i'm sticking to it.

i wrote fanfare for me. if you love it, that's great. if you don't . . . well, you know the rest. ;-)

pre-order/purchase fanfare here: (link)

my goodreads page: renee ahdieh


  1. This is so very exciting! I hope to read more on your blog soon. :)

  2. I have to say I am in love with you already. Have not read the book but what an epic post!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic read! If you would even want to do a guest post on my blog I would love to have you!


  4. laura: i'm tryin'. :-P

    liz: aww, shucks. we can remedy the whole "not-having-read-the-book" thing, btw. :-D

    robin: i'd LOVE to do a guest post on your blog!! my email address is gothicfictionfan (at) gmail (dot) com.

  5. Loved FANFARE! Loved it! I periodically google you just to make sure I haven't missed your next venture... as an aspiring writer myself, you're an inspiration!